Caveman diet: The model trainer swears by that

Everyone should feel comfortable in his body. For me personally this means: I want a healthy, fit body. And if two or three kilos tumble down the scales, then I have no problem with that. Namely none. That sport is important: Check. I understand. What I do not want though is to mess around with a highly complicated diet plan that involves examining all foods for their ingredients and weighing them in grams for my dinner. Since I'm getting off, I'm not going through that for two days. And even if I did it to me, is it going to do anything? Justin Gelband, one of the most prominent fitness trainers in the world and as such, in charge of providing the Victoria's Secret models Miranda Kerr, Erin Heatherton, Irina Shayk or Candice Swanepoel with his workout for the catwalk, has now revealed that it in his eyes there is only one diet that really helps to lose weight effectively and, above all, sustainably.

Caveman Diet: Why Models Swear by the Paleo Diet

According to Model-Trainer Gelband in an interview with the magazine "Business Insider", 85% of the success of a diet depends on the right nutrition. "Sport is indispensable," he says, "but Abs are made in the kitchen." And help only the so-called "Caveman diet", which is also known under the name "Paleo diet". "It's ideal for losing weight and building muscle at the same time, even in the long run," says Gelband. "In contrast to juice cures or raw food diets, there is also no yo-yo effect, because it is actually not a diet, but a diet change."

What is the caveman diet?

The term "Paleo" is derived from "Paleolithic", the technical term for the Paleolithic. Meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds were on the menu of the primeval people. These dietary habits are based on the Paleo diet, which is also called Caveman diet or Stone Age diet. You can lose weight with Paleo, too, but it is not in the foreground. The followers of the Paleo movement – the so-called Paleoaner – assume that food that was available in similar form already in the Stone Age, can be used by our body very well and therefore are particularly good.

How does the Stone Age diet work?

No exercise without exercise – this is not just the mantra of model coach Justin Gelband, the caveman diet is based on this principle. The Stone Age people had to travel long distances to kill an animal. So they were physically very active – unlike today, where we spend most of our time sitting on our office chairs. So you have to get your Popscherl already up and running in the gym! In addition, the Paleo diet only unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods on the table. All that has been available to humans for about 10,000 years is renounced. This includes, for example, all foods related to agriculture and livestock. Highly processed foods, ie ready meals and Co. as well as artificial additives, are also taboo in the Paleo diet. That means bye-bye, pizza, fries and pudding! And permanently. Vegetables and mushrooms, fruits in moderation, fish and seafood, eggs, meat and poultry, healthy fats such as olive or coconut oil, nuts and seeds, coconut and almond milk are all allowed. Taboo are alcohol, legumes, milk and dairy products, cereals, starchy vegetables such as potatoes (sweet potatoes you can eat!).

Is the caveman diet suitable for everyone?

For vegans, the Paleo lifestyle is not suitable because fish, meat and eggs play a major role in the diet. Although there is a vegetarian Paleo diet – but that is extremely complicated to implement. In addition, the diet is very costly, wiel all products should be bought fresh. A frozen pizza is of course cheaper. And: The conversion, to gain your own energy primarily from fats instead of carbohydrates, requires some mental strength and determination. Finally, this conversion takes between 3 and 4 weeks. Here are 7 delicious paleo recipes!