Tummy fit for the summer

Suspension seat.
Strengthens the straight and oblique abdominal muscles and the hip flexor.
Sit on the mat and tilt it slightly backwards, support it with your hands, lift and bend your legs (right angle between upper body and legs). Stretch out legs until they are straight and lower slightly, but do not lay on the floor. Attract again. Back stays straight all the time, 25 reps. Rumpfseitdrehen.
Exercises the oblique abdominal muscles and lower back extensors.
Sit on the mat, bend your legs, lower the upper body with your back straight to 45 -. Hold the weight plate (alternatively water bottle) with your arms straight in front of your chest. Turn the entire hull to the left as long as the back can be held straight. Then turn right. Movement takes place only in the lateral belly. 20 repetitions. Beetle.
Provides strong straight and oblique abdominal muscles and hip flexors.
Lay on your back, extend arms and legs, do not lay down completely. Lift left leg at a right angle, extend right arm forward and touch the left ankle with your hand, lifting the scapula off the floor. Lower arm and leg again, repeat on the other side. Alternately 20 times each. Rumpfseitbeugen.
Stretches and strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles.
Put a little more than shoulder width, knees are slightly bent. Tense core muscles, back remains straight, look straight ahead. Hold a barbell or water bottle on the left, support the right hand sideways. Lower fuselage to the left (up to approx. 45 -), raise again. 20 repetitions, then change sides. H№ftrollen.
Strengthens oblique abdominal muscles and back extensors.
Lay on your back, stretch your legs vertically, place your arms sideways beside your body, or extend horizontally. Lower legs to the left as far as possible without lifting your shoulders off the floor. Raise again, repeat right. Run 20 times per side.