Immediate help: tips on headaches

No more headaches: headaches are often the cause of tension. In turn, migraine can be triggered by stress, hormonal fluctuations or certain foods (like cheese, chocolate). So your head becomes clear again: Иу Rest. In light migraine attacks for relaxation (lying in a dark room). Even a damp cloth on the eyes brings relief. For severe seizures there are effective painkillers (consult a doctor!). Preventive: avoid alcohol, coffee and sugar. Иу China cure. When tension headache cramped muscle groups must be resolved again. This works very well with acupressure: Massage the point just before the heel in the middle of the foot for three minutes with your thumb. Then press harder on the point and finally reduce the pressure. Perform on both feet. Иу Nice and easy. Mini program after a hard day's work: put the hot shower only five minutes and pelt hot water on the neck. Then for two minutes with both hands, the neck from the spine in the direction of the neck. Finally, nod your head 20 times. Loosens cramped muscles with lightning speed. But beware !: Nevertheless, not every symptom should be treated on its own.
Иу In any case, you need to see the doctor if symptoms occur unusually violent. Or if they have not improved significantly after two days of self-treatment.