Run motivation: So you will become a jogger!

I. HATE. TO JOG. So, now it's out. I'm more of a guy for a relaxed yoga session, maybe you can still get me into a Zumba lesson. But running? Uff. I do not have the motivation. What is really stupid: Because only stretching or just strength training, that does not bring. It is best to combine this workout with a fitness program – and there are just a few jogging sessions just right. But take care. There are some pretty easy tricks on how run-movers like us can get together for a ride – and even have fun jogging.

Tips for more running motivation

CHOOSE THE RIGHT MUSIC. Music is an incredible motivator and driver for runners. You need exactly 34 minutes for your jogging through the park? Then put together a running music playlist that suits the duration of your running session. For example, when Beyoncи sounds, your body and your brain know: we're already on our way home, yeah! Tip: Basically, the music is tuned to heart rate or pace. With dizziness ranging from 120-130 beats, hits like "Titanuium" by David Guetta (126 beats per minute) or "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga (120 bpm) are a perfect match. If you do not like it, you can orient yourself according to the faster cadence, it moves at 150 to 160 beats per minute. Suitable music would be the "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John (150 BPM) or the "Queen" classic "Don 't Stop Me Now" (160 BPM).

CHOOSE AN EXCITING ROUTE ROUTE. The worst thing about running is the endless boredom that sets after some time. Logo: It's easiest to walk through the park from the front door. But a more varied running route (such as through a forest or along a stretch of water) will help you get better off and enjoy the run. Even if in doubt you have to take 20 minutes to get there by car.

JOIN WITH COOL RUNNING CLAMPS. Are you jogging in your old trousers, the worn-out sneakers and the messy camisole? Sure, it works too. But you'll see how much it drives your motivation and performance if you invest in really good running shoes (here buying tips) and a stylish yet well fitting sports bra!

THE TIME TO RUN? DEFINES THE TV PROGRAM! Okay, outdoor runs are not for you? Then the treadmill is your last option. At least 30 minutes you should run on it, while the speed vary. So you do not end up bored: Time your running program in the gym after the TV program. Half an hour of "The Perfect Dinner" or "Big Bang Theory" while running would call it a win-win solution …

DOWNLOAD A RUNNING APP. Seriously, it's nothing as satisfying and motivating as tracking the mileage you've already covered. Whether you sign up at the Nike + Run Club or at Runtastic – post on Facebook or Instagram with your results and let yourself be carried away by the likes to … hm, why not … half marathon.