That's why suppressing sneezing can be dangerous

Admittedly, it can be quite uncomfortable if it comes over us at the wrong moment. Whether during an important meeting, eating in the restaurant with a full mouth, in the cinema or during a test at the university – when a loud "Haaatschiiiiii!" Breaks the silence, it can happen that one unintentionally attracts attention.

Attention, pressure!

The supposedly good solution: Suppress the lumping – but only supposedly, because the suppression of sneezing can be dangerous. What happens when sneezing: The nostrils close reflexively, the mouth is slightly open, and the pressure in the nasal cavity is very fast very large. By suppressing sneezing, this built-up pressure can not escape. In the worst case, this can lead to blood clots in the brain, miscarriages, damage in the ears to cracks in the main artery, according to the medical profession. Of course, the worst case does not always have to happen – but as the saying goes, caution is better than forbearance. So why not pop into the crowd and reap a hearty "health" for it, rather than risking your health.

The bacilli are stopping

Basically, sneezing is important: It is used to carry dust and dirt particles from the nose – and in case of infections, the annoying pathogens that cause colds and inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes. The following applies: If possible, the bacteria should be transported quickly out of the nose and throat area.

Sneezing in hurricane strength

In order not to become a bacteria sling and to send other people to sick leave, it is considerate to always have a handkerchief at hand. You can quickly put it in your mouth and nose, and the risk is banned for others. After all, per sneeze, up to 40,000 particles fly through the air! The speed reaches up to 160 km / h, which corresponds to the strength of a hurricane. In addition, the piece of paper acts as a silencer, so it will not be too unpleasant for you. If you can only use your hands, remember to wash them afterwards. This will also eliminate the risk of infection. If necessary, you can also sneeze into the crook of the arm, just not unprotected in the room. Health! In cooperation with Otrivin.