Never again vaginal fungus thanks to these 3 changes

Every few weeks it was time again: This only too known itching and burning in the lower climes: Hello vaginal fungus! Not nice to see you again! So off to the pharmacy or gynecologist for suppositories, creams and Co. But is not there something that prevents the recurring ordeal also? Yes! Ever since I combined these three "tricks", I've had no complaints for ages and I'm completely free of infection: Only wear briefs made of cotton: underwear made of polyester or plastics is not breathable and can irritate skin and mucous membranes by various residues from the production. And of course the underwear should be changed daily. At night, the underpants should then completely gone: Because although many bacteria in the vaginal area are normal – by the constant heat they can multiply increased! Therefore: fresh air for the vagina.
Do not use panty liners: The air-impermeable adhesive film that secures the panty liner prevents the permeability of the fabric, promoting a warm, moist environment in the genital area, which in turn can promote vaginal fungus.