Relaxation exercises at the workplace

Laughing is healthy.
Whether real or artificial smile, the muscles that are activated when laughing hit the nerve that signals to our brain that we are in a happy mood – the result: release of happiness hormones. Conclusion: Laughter ensures relaxation! Distant view.
Many of us are staring at the computer screen all day long, giving your eyes some relaxation in between. Look to the window and into the distance. Find a point that is far away from you and then move your eyes along the horizon. This exercise not only relaxes the eyes, it also helps with fatigue and headaches. Full body relaxation.
A quick exercise in between: Tighten all the muscles of your body while holding the air for five seconds. Release the tension with a strong breath. You can repeat the exercise several times. Then loosen all limbs. Breathing exercise.
Place your hands at belly height on the stomach and exhale slowly – important: inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Then breathe into the abdomen, hands lift up with the abdominal wall. As you exhale, lower your hands together with the abdominal wall. Repeat the breathing exercise several times. Neck massage.
Sit down and let your head hang. Grab hands on each shoulder area and gently massage shoulders and neck. Then let your hands hang down loosely and make slow circular movements with your head. Smaller tension can be solved this way.