Why some are stung more by Gelsen than others

A cozy summer evening. Guests are a few dear friends and a few glasses of wine. And unfortunately also a few uninvited, buzzing guests, who have shot themselves but one on themselves and left a completely bitten back. Does that just happen to us or does mosquitoes actually prefer some people, unlike others? Yes, the blood-hungry insects are actually selective gourmets and specifically target the following "victims": Blood Group 0: People with blood group 0 can look forward to increased, involuntary body juice exchange at night. Pregnancy: As if nausea, heartburn, fatigue and CO were not enough, pregnant women are still a popular target for mosquitoes. Because they exhale far more carbon dioxide than others, what the flying taps love. Overweight: Even with a few more pounds on the ribs, more carbon dioxide is exhaled, perhaps in combination with cholesterol-lowering products excreted through the skin. A true fragrance paradise for Gelsen! Cholesterol: People with high cholesterol levels have a popular approach path for the same reason. Sweating: Human sweat contains saccharides, cholesterol breakdown products and lactic acid. The perfect scent cocktail to keep people in the subway and attract mosquitoes! Alcohol: A beer in the evening can be enough, that a few more mouths want to participate in it. Metabolism-processed alcohol also alters the subtle fragrance marks that secrete our skin. So it is worthwhile to start a small talk on blood value, blood groups and drinking behavior at the next evening clearance to choose your neighbors very specifically!