Breakfast: Eat you nice

It's best in the morning, which most people like anyway: a delicious muesli – but without sugar! Allowed is 1 teaspoon of honey or maple syrup, plus fruit. Fruit for the complexion In tired, dry skin, grasp apples or plums, moisturise and refresh the two types of fruit, smooth the complexion and make it radiant. So that the moisture remains in the skin cells, the muesli simply supplement with dates. Cress (on buttered bread) also serves the purpose. Grapefruit for pimples Vitamin C from sour fruits like grapefruit or kiwi helps against oily skin. These fruits strengthen immune protection out of balance, fat skin. Even fish helps with impure skin, especially salmon (salmon rolls) contains high-quality fatty acids that have a calming effect. Avocado for the Nails Vitamin B2 and B6 made from yoghurt and bananas (in cereal) help with brittle nails and white spots and promote hair restoration. Also included in avocados – so if you prefer piquant, eat a toast with avocado slices with a little salt and lemon juice. Whole Grain for Firm Thighs If you are working on more beautiful thighs, you should eat high-quality protein from low-fat dairy products with whole grains (contains zinc!), Egg yolks and possibly sour fruits (vitamin C!). This blend is the optimal collagen producer for firm connective tissue. For example, an orange yoghurt shake and a wholemeal toast with a soft egg. Drink mineral water instead of sweet juices! Carrot juice against tired eyes Carrot juice makes tired eyes radiant, banana buttermilk (vitamin B6) ensures a fresh complexion. A handful of hazelnuts (biotin) makes skin, hair and nails beautiful. Recipe for a beauty fruit cereal ingredients for 1 portion (morning): 1 small apple, 3 plums, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 teaspoon maple syrup, 4 EL cereal mixture, 100 ml kefir, 1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds, the preparation: • Rinse the apple, quarter, corer and cut into thin slices.
• Rinse plums, cut in half and remove seeds.
• Peel and slice the banana.
• Mix the lemon juice with maple syrup and mix with the fruit.
• Muesli mix with fruit and kefir, sprinkle with the sunflower seeds (roast in a dry pan if you like).