The new yoga trends

The fact is: The art of movement Yoga is neither a sport nor a religion, but rather a holistic training. But what is actually behind the Indian kinematics? Translated, the Sanskrit word "yoga" means "union" or "integration". The roots are in India, in our case the theory of motion has prevailed in the 20th century, but in a somewhat weakened form. In India, yoga has a stronger spiritual-spiritual expression. It is more physical in our west. Today, there are types of yoga like sand by the sea. Hotly debated is the increasingly popular Bikram or Hot Yoga. And that literally. At 38 degrees, 26 yoga positions (asanas) are performed, and drunk only when the teacher allows. This hot version was invented by the Indian Bikram Choudhury. He describes his work as follows: "I save and change people's lives." He has certainly improved his, because the self-proclaimed guru has already earned millions with his method. And only those who do their training in LA, LA, are allowed to officially teach Bikram Yoga and then pay for the patent once a month. Trend: AntiGravity Yoga Another new trend – also from the USA – is the AntiGravitiy Yoga. Here you hang in a trapezoidal cloth and perform various asanas. This should not only give a secure grip on certain exercises, but also create an "acrobatic feeling". Other Yoga Trends: Acro Yoga This form combines the spiritual knowledge of yoga, elements of Thai yoga bodywork (Nuad) and the dynamic power of acrobatics. These three traditional lines are the roots of Acro Yoga and are designed to promote trust, closeness and playfulness. There are seven main elements: Circle Ceremony, Asana Warmup, Partner Flow, Thai Massage, Therapeutic Flying, Reversal Posture and Spotting (Assistance) as well as Partner Acrobatics. Also this yoga form comes from California and was founded in 2003 by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein. Laughing Yoga This is a combination of Hatha Yoga breathing and stretching exercises combined with pantomime exercises that make you laugh. This method is used by the Indian doctor Madan Kataria spread since 1955. By the way: humor is not a requirement! AntiGravity Yoga This yoga trend is a combination of yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance and ballet and – like almost all fitness novelties – has its roots in America. In 2007, the artistic gymnast Christopher Harrison founded the gravity yoga, now it has arrived in Austria. In AntiGravity Yoga you float in a trapezoidal cloth at a height of one meter. With, on and in this numerous exercises are performed, which are based on the classic yoga asanas. So many positions are easier to implement, such as the one-legged positions. Other advantages: The spine is relieved, the hip can be opened better. Child and Family Yoga In Germany, children's yoga has already been introduced as a compulsory subject in some schools. In Austria, more and more courses are offered for children from the age of three. The largely playful approach to learning with the body, the senses and the imagination increases the concentration and helps the children to accept and appreciate themselves and others. Particularly popular is the variant in which parents or grandparents are present in the course. Different partner exercises and common breathing techniques are performed.