My first mammogram for breast cancer screening

This year, I've crossed the threshold: a 4 emblazoned first before my life – I'm now 40th And thus the cancer precautionary measures increasingly come to one.

Breast cancer prevention already from 40 years?

My gynecologist told me that I should go to mammography now. Although you get in Austria officially only from 45 years invitations to do it by mail, but with a phone call or an e-mail you can also unlock his e-card earlier for a free examination of the chest without medical referral. A task that is done quickly and also the registration for mammography is done quickly: And to my astonishment, I still get an appointment in the same week in the diagnostic center Urania.

"Have fun squeezing!"

The anticipation is admittedly low: After all, the topic of breast cancer in itself is simply not enjoyable and you hear so many horror stories about the mammography itself: The chest would be pressed, pulled and squeezed. Accordingly, a colleague from the editorial board says goodbye to me on the way there: "Have fun squeezing!" In the waiting room of the facility a woman is crying next to me on the phone. Of course, I do not really know why, but the guess is there immediately: your results were staggering. The perfect setting for a truly unpleasant business. But there I am already called, asked in a dressing room to get rid of me in my clothes on the upper body.

This is how mammography works

And then I finally stand in front of the notorious device. The responsible technical assistant explains to me in a friendly way step by step, what happens now: Namely two X-ray images of each breast, one from above, one laterally obliquely from above. The breast is compressed between plexiglass discs. The scene everyone is afraid of. And? It is not too bad. Yes it pulls and pushes something, yes there are more pleasant ones. But actually it is pretty harmless. And this is said by someone who does not even like being touched on the breasts because they are so sensitive.

Further investigations

This is followed by a conversation with a doctor who analyzes the images and another examination using ultrasound and manual scanning. My breast tissue is still relatively dense due to the age, so any possible carcinomas could only be excluded by mammography. The older you get, the better you can detect malignant tumors. The diagnosis: Fortunately, no nodes and nothing suspicious can be found. I breathe sensibly, thinking of the woman in the waiting room with compassion. And I'm even happier with my decision to go ahead than at the age of 45. Because with every type of cancer, the rule applies: the earlier a tumor is discovered, the higher the chances of recovery.

Provision is always better

Therefore, when I am finally presented with the pictures and the findings, I give myself the promise: I will again scan the breast more regularly to be able to detect changes as early as possible. And even write the memories in my calendar. The device will see me again in two years! Comprehensive information on breast cancer prevention in Austria you can get on