Frauenarztbesuch 2.0: These women reinvent the speculum </title>

Women know the procedure: In the small chamber underneath, go in socks and long Leiberl to the throne of women's health, sit on it, slide down with legs apart, because you never, but never manages to sit down right from the start and then just try calmly inhale and exhale. And no matter how gentle the gynecologist or the gynecologist is, inside you always twitch when the cold steel touches your own genital area. Let's be honest, a visit to the gynecologist is never a nice experience; at most times fully ok. But why is this experience, which all women have to endure for health reasons, once again a taboo topic? Well, among friends, you may even talk to how it was recently at the gynecologist, but there is hardly a public discussion about it. Yes, why should one talk about a system that actually works great anyway? Other examinations are also not pleasant! Yes, yes, but a gynecological inspection is a very different matter than a nasal rinse. This is also due to the instruments, especially the speculum itself, whose design has not been significantly changed for more than 200 years. This stainless steel costume used, albeit in a slightly different form, the ancient Romans. But no matter how modern they may have been, today this modernity does not last. That is exactly what the women of Yona have thought of and started to revise the gynecologist visit.

(c) The focal point of the project 'Yona' is the re-design of the speculum. The new, improved instrument is to be made of a pleasant silicone material. Due to its ergonomic shape, it would not have to be opened so much during the examination itself. Even a built-in light makes the inspection easier. And by being able to use the new speculum with one hand, the doctor is more flexible. Luckily, the project can no longer be described as an exclusive dream of the future, because in the current stage of development, doctors are being recruited to integrate the Yona speculum into their daily routine. Let's see, maybe the women from Yona manage to make the gynecologist visit 2.0 a reality.