Myth fruit: make fruits thick?

Apple, pear and co taste very delicious, but unfortunately can be the cause of one or the other Fettrцllchen on the body.
Therefore, it is a common misconception that in order to lose weight, you have to do without sweets and carbohydrates, but eat plenty of fruit and vegetables! Because, as researchers have now found out, fruit sugar is pretty bad for the body and has a negative impact on the body when trying to lose weight. In addition, the fruit sugar in the brain can trigger a permanent hunger. This means that you want to eat more and more often. Sadly, those who eat only apples and co. Between meals or in the evening do not necessarily consume less calories. Because the carbohydrates hidden here and the fructose can also make a decent sums. This means that at best fruit should be eaten as an alternative to other carbohydrates and not in addition! Still, fruit is still the better and healthier alternative when it comes to craving something sweet. In any case, a small apple has fewer calories than 2 ribs of whole milk chocolate. But consider the crowd. 3 pieces of fruit distributed throughout the day are perfectly sufficient for a healthy diet and so you do not run the risk of additionally increasing carbohydrates and fructose. Better to switch to vegetables!
Fruit stimulates insulin levels because it contains a lot of carbohydrates. However, since a high insulin level prevents fat from being broken down, it is important to pay attention to the amount of fruit. In any case, cucumber, carrot and pepper steaks with lean cream cheese are friendlier to the figure. The vegetables can really be accessed in abundance. Conclusion: In order to lose weight healthily and above all, one should do a lot of sports, eat vegetables and pay attention to the amount of fruit. Completely deleting food only leads to frustration and cravings. And how did Paracelsus say so beautifully: "The dose makes the poison!"