What you do not help depressives!

Would we ever say sentences of this nature to physically injured or ill people? "You just have to work on your attitude – then you'll get better with your food poisoning." "I understand that you have a broken arm, but can not you at least try a little bit more?" "These daily medications are certainly addictive, and are not you worried that your daily injections of diabetes could change you?" "Okay, just lying around did not help you with your coma – you should definitely go to the fresh air!" People with depression regularly hear such statements. Of course, the advice is well meant … Only: well meant can often be the opposite of good. It is above all the perception of depression and other mental illnesses that we need to change. Because you can not see the disease at first glance – still it remains a disease. That can last for months or even a lifetime. And that needs to be handled by professionals. Millions of men and women worldwide suffer from depression – many without knowing what they are really suffering from. After all, the condition includes not only sadness, but also listlessness, insensitivity, listlessness, sleep disorders, depression, hopelessness, loss of interests, feelings of guilt, feelings of worthlessness, anger, difficulty concentrating, indecision, fears, self-doubt, exhaustion and much more. If any of these apply to you or anyone in your area for more than two weeks, then do not hesitate to seek help or help. Depression is easy to treat – if you recognize it. This film can help to understand: