Magazine tests: VibroGym

Just right after the Christmas holidays – gluttony nonstop and zero movement – I was allowed to test the vibration training at the newly opened VibroGym studio in Vienna. Studio owner and trainer Vera – she runs the studio together with her brother Michael – welcomed me warmly. Schwups in Sportswear – you need for training no sports shoes, just socks – and off you go. Not quite yet: Vera questioned me about my health, then I was ready to go. On the basis of the health questionnaire, which every customer fills in before his first training, the personal coaches can also create an individual training plan for everyone.

The studio in Vienna, Alsergrund. There are a variety of exercises, depending on which muscle parts are claimed. My training started with a leg exercise (see picture below), 30 seconds per leg I was "shaken". The device generates – unlike Power Plate – vertical vibrations that transmit to the body through the bones. The muscles respond reflexively to these stimuli. Because of the vibrations you have to keep even more balance, I noticed that during the first session. Then followed exercises for the arms, stomach and back. The effect depends strongly on the frequency and the intensity of the vibrations. Lower frequencies are ideal for strength training, while higher frequencies are used for muscle stretching and massages. What I noticed immediately: the good blood circulation, arms and legs were tingling and red. After about 15 exercises – I got into a sweat – followed by a very pleasant part: Each workout is completed with stretching and massage exercises. When I was allowed to easily "shake" my thighs on the device without any effort, I had the feeling that my cellulite would dissolve in the air, that would be nice. But the vibration training reduces unsightly dents and body fat – of course, only in combination with a balanced diet. Personal Coach Vera recommends exercising 1 to 2 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each.

Trainer Vera showed me the exercises. The vibration training is a gentle workout for young and old as well as women and men, without burdening the joints. In addition, the entire musculature is strengthened, burned body fat and reduced stress. If you have become curious, you can arrange a free trial in the VibroGym Studio (Zimmermanngasse 1a, 1090 Vienna). After my test, I left the studio totally relaxed – and well supplied with blood – and the sore muscles the next day was a really good feeling 🙂