Menstruation: 3 days holiday due to PMS!

The chest swells and hurts. A pulling in the back. And then come those damned period pains. The mood rattles in the cellar, woman could cry or all ankl neten angrily. No, menstruation is not one of the days of the month when we feel like self-confident sex goddesses. But rather like a heap of misery. Feel good is different. In the past, at school, the specific days of the month were sometimes the ones when we were allowed to officially skip physical education lessons. But today? At work? Unthinkable. Probably no company in Austria lets it pass if we report sick because of "menstruation". Is the rule a reason for sick leave? Things are different in Asia. There it is a legal right of working women to stay at home during menstruation. India was the first country to introduce this Rule Rule in 1947. If it was after the British star gynecologist Gedis Grudzinskas, this should also apply in Europe. The expert presented his claim to the "Festival of Ideas" of the British elite University of Cambridge. Grudzinskas: "Three additional sickness days during menstruation are ultimately used by companies, during which many women are unconcentrated, feel sick and tired, and if they are allowed to stay home, they are more motivated and able to do more in their jobs." Even if a large (very large!) Part of us would advocate this: Legally anchored days off due to regular pain also pose a considerable risk. For if women automatically have three days off each month in their employment contract, then this could also be a considerable disadvantage for male applicants in the case of job applications. We do not want to talk about lower pay at all … Knowing the world of work: That this is how it is, is unfortunately to be expected. Which is why we continue to drag ourselves into the office with aching abdomen and a pissed-off mood. It's damn hard to be a woman. But honestly damn nice.