Workout exercise for the biceps

"FIRE!" the biceps must scream at this workout, otherwise it will not work. Says fitness expert and physiotherapist Roman Pallesits ( And the man knows what he's talking about (after all, his biceps are about as thick as our thighs – no abuse!). Since we are reluctant to walk in the summer with mega-muckis, but only with tight and well-defined upper arms through the outdoor pool, we choose a weight for the implementation, with which we can handle the "Bizepcurls" about 12 times (not more often) , And then it starts:

We choose: weights that we can brace 12 times. First, lift the weights 7 times from the bottom to the bottom – that is, until the elbow is bent about 90 degrees.

Now a bit higher … Now follow seven repeats from the middle station to the top. Pallesits: "The biceps are screaming Hallelujah!" The conclusion is made by seven repetitions from bottom to top. Important: When moving always exhale (if it still works). The advantage of the divided repetitions: You create more in a row – and that brings the big benefit (after the sore muscles).