Workout: rowing with the Theraband

Do you suffer from too much office work under a tense neck? Or at the so-called "Angel wings" (the scapula edge is from the chest)? Then fitness trainer Roman Pallesits ( has an excellent workout exercise for you. Pallesits: "In this exercise, especially the" rhomboid muscle "of the back muscles is worked on and with regular training the whole posture becomes more upright." Used in this workout is the Thera-Band, an elastic rubber band that provides extra resistance and strength. The basic rules for the Theraband:

  • The color of the band marks the strength.
  • The band must never lose the tension!
  • Exhale while pulling
  • Never let it snap back!
  • Pull for 2 seconds and let it rest for 2 seconds!

The starting position. The initial position: lunge with the Theraband in hand and wrapped around the door buckle. Roman Pallesits: "First of all, check whether the door buckle is fixed anyway!"

Then pull on the band with both arms at the same time until the thumbs touch the chest.

Physiotherapist Roman Pallesits: "Four times 20 repetitions are optimal, because the posture needs to be trained, and if the shoulders are hanging forward, the ladies of the creation seem to be a bit pyknic …"