The four phases of the Dukan diet

In the Dukan diet, emphasis is placed on a lot of protein. The background is that protein supports weight loss because it lasts for a long time. At the same time, it also reduces muscle breakdown, or it can even support the build-up of muscles if you have enough exercise. In terms of timing, the diet is divided into four distinct phases: attack, strengthening, consolidation and preservation. So that no carbohydrates need to be completely eliminated in any phase, the inventor recommends feeding oat bran daily in each section, always with plenty of fluids. In the first phase, there are only 1.5 spoonfuls per day, from span two, the amount increases to two spoons. The reason for this unusual requirement is not just the receipt of at least small amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. The intestines also need something to do, and oat bran, as you know, keeps your digestion going. The Four Phases of the Dukan Diet Иу Phase 1: Attack The Duration: The Dukan Diet is a low carb program. That is, carbohydrates are greatly reduced in the diet. At the beginning there are – at will – one to a maximum of ten days, during which only protein and low-fat dairy products are eaten. This abrupt one-sidedness takes the body by surprise, it can not convert the protein into energy. As a result, depending on the starting position, you lose a relatively large amount of weight. Up to five kilos are possible, three are the average. The rules You can eat these days as much as you want and at any time of the day you want. You do not have to pause a certain amount of time between meals. However, only the foods below are allowed. You can also combine the products or omit those that you do not like. Important: Eat one and a half tablespoons of oat bran daily, so you avoid cravings for carbohydrates. You also have to drink at least two liters of water a day. There is also a daily 20 minute walk. This is allowed: beef, veal (only fat-free meat, grilled or fried without fat), chicken, turkey (both without skin), offal, fish, seafood, low-fat ham, eggs, low-fat dairy products; Coffee, tea, vinegar, spices, herbs, lemons, salt, pepper. This is forbidden: anything not on the list above, especially alcohol, sugar, fat, vegetables, fruits, pork, bread. Tip: Concentrate on what is allowed, not on the prohibitions. The strict phase is relatively short and you do not have to go hungry. But the first success gives the necessary motivation to stay with the program. Иу Phase 2: Strengthening Duration: This phase is about permanently changing eating habits, breaking old habits and stabilizing rapid weight loss. Their duration is determined by how much weight you want to lose. On average, one calculates six days for every kilo less. You will continue to lose weight during this time, albeit a little slower than in phase one. The protein-rich diet remains, but there are carbohydrates in the form of vegetables. Because this contains a lot of fiber, water, vitamins and minerals and helps to prevent typical diet fatigue and listlessness. The rules: The phase consists of two different diet types: One day, as in Phase one, only protein on the table, one day it is supplemented with vegetables. Also, the combination 5/5 is possible, that means: five pure protein days, followed by five days of protein in combination with vegetables. This is steamed with just a touch of oil or with low-fat yoghurt and spices prepared. As in phase one, the amount of food is not limited, and there are no rules for the combination of food. The oat bran is increased to two tablespoons a day, the walk is extended to 30 minutes. This is allowed: All foods from phase one, also (raw or cooked): tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, asparagus, leek, cabbage, mushrooms, celery, fennel, green salad, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, carrots, beets, artichokes , This is prohibited: still potatoes, rice, cereals, as well as lentils, chickpeas, avocados (very high fat) and fruit. Tips: It does not matter if you choose the combination 1/1, 5/5 or even 7/7. The statistics show that the same results are achieved for every combination. Иу Phase 3: Consolidation Duration: That depends on how much weight you have lost, on average ten days per kilo less. During this time, the different diet phases are bundled. The rules: continue to eat low in fat and rich in protein. Twice a week, however, a three-course gourmet meal is allowed. You are free to choose, provided it does not turn into a feast. One protein day per week is still required. This is allowed: all food from phase one and two, one piece of fruit per day, cheese, two slices of wholewheat bread per day, pasta, pork, lamb. This is forbidden: bananas, cherries, grapes, nuts, raisins, white bread, fat cheese, potatoes. Tip: If you choose a fixed day per week for the protein day, it will be easier for you to comply with it. Иу Phase 4: Conservation Duration: Forever. You have reached your desired weight, this is now to hold. The rules: Six out of seven days, you can eat what you want. Make sure to integrate the learned nutritional rules into everyday life. However, one complete protein day per week remains. This helps to maintain the achieved weight and not to increase it again. For the rest of your life, eat three tablespoons of oat bran per day, and do not use escalators or elevators. That is allowed: everything. A balanced low-fat and protein-rich diet is still advised. However, exemptions may and may even be. That's forbidden: nothing. Tip: Protein needs more energy during digestion than fat or carbohydrates. That's good for the permanently slim line. Here are some new recipes for the Dukan diet.