Reconnaissance spot "Face Diabetes" with Dirk Stermann

In diabetes, one thinks of too much sugar immediately, but hardly anyone knows that diabetics can also suffer from "converse" hypoglycaemia – and that can be fatal in no time. To draw attention to this, Dirk Stermann (48) slips into the role of sugar seller and warns in the scout spot "Face Diabetes" from the consequences of hypoglycemia.

The fact that the cabaret artist plays in the TV commercial also has other reasons: "My daughter Hannah has been a diabetic since she was twelve, so I've been dealing with diabetes for a long time." When I was asked if I wanted to do that, I found It makes sense and wise, since diabetic low blood sugar is a serious problem, but if you're properly informed, it's easy to do something about it. " The reconnaissance spot will air on 2 November 2014, more information at

From left to right: Dirk Stermann, OД Dr. Claudia Francesconi (board member of the Austrian Diabetes Society), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wascher (president of the ЦDG), Rudi Nemeczek (creative director of the spot).