Healthy back thanks to Alexander technique

The PC is on, the mail program starts and the coffee mug is steaming on your desk. Mentally you are perfectly prepared for the work day, but as you sit down in your familiar office chair, you already realize that your back will be whining in the evening. You go to the sport regularly anyway, but somehow you are still plagued by back problems.

Learn & change: This is how the Alexander Technique works.

You're not alone! More and more people spend their working days sitting in front of the PC and often develop bad postures due to a stooping posture and unhealthy sitting position. And not only the "office stools" are plagued by back problems: Even people who pursue physically demanding jobs can get used to a wrong attitude. For example, when carrying heavy objects. Physiotherapy, sports and in the worst case medication: Back pain is very uncomfortable and require help. And sometimes it's not so bad looking for more alternative methods. As a study from 2012 found, for example, the Alexander technique helps many people who suffer from back pain due to wrong posture.

(c) Nichols The Alexander Technique is an educational method. One deals with observing, recognizing and changing learned habits. Above all, it is about physical malpractice. The technique allows people in groups or individual therapy to learn how to best help themselves. So one observes one's own behavior and tries to "unlearn" the learned mistakes again. For people who sit a lot, the goal would be to get used to a relaxed and relaxed posture. Because often the bad postures happen unconsciously. For example, when you pull your shoulders up while typing on the keyboard. Or, if you sit heavily recessed in his chair. The trainers observe the behavior and thus find out with which movement or position the pain is connected. Then the situation is visualized, for example, by a statement such as: "Hold your neck long."

Back problems can become chronic, so act fast!

Back pain is better when you tackle it as quickly as possible, because the risk of a chronic condition is very high. And even if there are not too many scientific studies that consolidate the Alexander Technique as a panacea, it can not hurt to be able to control your own behavior better.