Instructions for burnout

The life you lead feels light, carefree and happy? You are happy in your job? Private, does it fit? Does not have to be! Together with personality coach Christine Edenstrasser (christine we have created a success-oriented guide for you to help you to suffer a proper burnout. The expert points out the most important thing: "Separate yourself from what is good for you and overwhelm yourself with as many problems, challenges and obligations as possible!" Say yes to everything!
First of all, try to be Everbody's Darling! These are the best conditions to completely exhaust yourself. "If you feel that your friendliness, helpfulness and commitment are not appreciated, you can be happy! Soon you will have reached a state of exhaustion", says Edenstrasser. Take care of others, but not yourself!
Put yourself last and ignore your own needs. Plus, do not waste time thinking about what makes you happy. "It's not about your own satisfaction, but only about those around you. It's best if you think about others while you're getting up." Be always and everywhere reachable!
"Staying online is one of the key success factors for an age of overdose, so please never turn it off and take the phone to bed so you'll miss as little as possible," advises Edenstrasser. "Because: Who is not attainable, that does not exist!" If you stick to it consistently, you'll be taking a decisive step closer to the Burnout goal. Use the nights to work!
Sleep as an essential source of energy for regeneration and health? "Absolutely overrated!", The expert thinks: "Nothing comes from nothing, so it's best to take care of unfinished tasks at night, because at least nobody bothers you, and you can devote yourself to the emotional burnout." Avoid breaks!
Delete all the moments that could offer even a little relaxation, and work through at noon in any case. "If you get hungry, you can quickly eat something on the way from one appointment to the next, saving time." Especially recommended: junk food, "says Edenstrasser. And she goes on to say, "Please never stop paying attention to your resources, they are there to consume them." Do not be satisfied with anything!
The Expert's Advice: "Put on notorious moaning, absolute insistence on perfectionism, and a trained eye for mistakes, so you're not far from burnout." On the other hand, it is a hindrance to review one's own achievements. That could bring unnecessary joy. Do your best to suit others!
What does your colleague think about your appearance in the office? How does your neighbor find the car you recently bought? Does your best friend really like your new hairstyle or does she just like it? "Orient yourself to others as often as possible. First and foremost, let yourself be confused by every look and every statement, so keep yourself small under warranty." Fight as much as possible with your colleagues!
"Dispute wastes a great deal of energy, so be sure to have at least three discussions a day to help you deal with personal bankruptcy," says Edenstrasser. Professional tip: Clashes over trivial are particularly expedient. Never get help from outside!
Keep telling yourself the following beliefs in order to be effective: I can do everything alone! Only weak and mimosa need support. I pull myself together and suppress any feeling of exhaustion. "Adhere unconditionally to the conviction that you only trust yourself." Invest everything in your progress!
"Concentrating on just one thing will make you feel no different from your own actions, so keep it up!" The personality trainer encourages. Give up balance and balance. That would take you too far away from burnout.