What helps against a hangover?

Honey: The sweet spread contains fructose, which promotes the breakdown of alcohol in the body. Just for breakfast, butter a sandwich with honey or a teaspoon of it in front of the first glass of water to snack. Drinking water: Alcohol removes fluid from the body, especially the brain suffers from it and that is why the "hum" skull is created. It is best to drink 2 to 3 liters of water the day after. Eat something salty: Rollmops and Bismarck Herring refill the electrolyte supply and give the body energy. If you do not like these hearty specialties, then just pick up gherkin and sauerkraut. That helps as well! Showers: A cold shower reboots the circulation and really helps against the discomfort. Taking a cold and warm shower alternates with the headache. Tiger balm: Smear the sharp-smelling and slightly burning balm on temples, neck and under the nose and breathe deeply. That relaxes and helps against the headache afterwards. It also makes the head free again! Walking: Yes, that's probably hardest for you, but it really helps! Just grab half an hour of fresh air and revive your mind. Espresso with lemon: Kling disgusting – it is too – but helps against the buzzing in the skull. Season the unsweetened coffee with half a lemon and drink. The mixture also helps against migraine attacks! First of all, do not drink so much: And even if, always create a good foundation by previously eating luscious and during the consumption of alcohol does not forget a few glasses of water! In addition, an alcohol-free Caipirinha tastes just as good!