Holiday Pharmacy: Natural Helpers on Travel

Foreign food, too much sun or sea water – many things that are fun on holiday can sometimes cause even small illnesses. But not always there are domestic medicines in the resort. That's why we show you which ingredients from nature or the nearest supermarket will help you get fit quickly. SUNBURN. Now the skin must be well cooled! Cucumber, tomato or potato slices, placed on the reddened area, provide moisture, calm and cool. But also pots promotes the healing process and is pleasantly cold. Simply spread on the irritated skin, let it dry and remove any remains with a damp cloth. NAUSEA. Especially in travel sickness or seasickness help the essential oils of ginger. Pour five slices of the tuber in boiling water, allow to stand for ten minutes and drink in sips. If no hot water is at hand, the slices can be chewed raw. EARS PAIN. After too much splashing in the pool or the sea, they often occur – earache. Mash a small onion on a cloth until it has absorbed the juice. The cloth should be placed on the aching ear for half an hour, should relief occur. SMALL WOUNDS. A natural ointment may be mixed with honey and horseradish. To do this, mix nine tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of freshly grated horseradish. The antibacterial effect of one and the analgesic effect of the other can quickly heal small injuries. Bladder infection. Wet swimwear carries the risk of cystitis. Tea from daisies (leaves and flowers) has a diuretic effect, and bacteria are flushed out faster. But also cranberry juice helps thanks to its antibacterial effect. A quarter of a liter per day is also preventative. MOSQUITO BITES. Against annoying itching help a few drops of lemon or onion juice on the mosquito bite. But also basil leaves provide relief. Simply crush five leaves by hand and rub in the juice. DIARRHEA. On vacation, the body often reacts to foreign food with diarrhea. To calm the bowel again, a grated apple helps. The rubbing dissolves the apple-occurring pectin, which acts liquid-binding. STOMACH PAIN. Peppermint soothes due to the contained essential oils that are antispasmodic. Brew one tablespoon of dried leaves with 250 ml of hot water, infuse for ten minutes and drink slowly. Alternatively, a finished peppermint tea in the bag acts. PAYNE. Sitting too long in the sun can cause a sunstroke. In this case, quickly grab a cup of black tea and stir in a teaspoon of salt. Does not taste good, but the salt brings the electrolyte budget back into balance. FEVER. With light fever, the tried and tested Essigpatscherln still the best. Add 5 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 liter of water. Moisten the cloths well and wrap the cold vinegar water envelopes on both calves. Can be repeated until improvement occurs. TOOTHACHE. The essential oils in rosemary have an analgesic effect and tell toothache to fight. Just chew a few dried rosemary leaves. Alternatively, a diced onion helps. Place in a tissue and place on the affected cheek. A HEADACHE. Even if it takes over – a cup of espresso with half a squeezed lemon makes headaches disappear. The caffeine pulls the pressure-exerting blood vessels back together in the head. Editor: Jasmine Altrock