Study: Facial yoga makes you look younger

It sounds like an implausible internet advertisement, but the truth is: after 5 months of daily facial yogas, 50-year-old study participants were estimated to be two years younger. And this "facial yoga" did not even require expensive equipment or creams: simple exercises, such as the tip of the lips or the retraction of the cheeks were part of the repertoire of the participants. Twenty-seven women between the ages of 40 and 65 participated in this comparatively small study. They were taught 32 facial exercises, including very simple things, such as a big smile. At home, the ladies should then spend 30 minutes each day doing their exercises for 5 weeks. After the ninth week, the frequency was reduced to every other day.

Very simple exercises for the home.

The research team photographed the participants using the standard method, in which the aging of the skin and face can be determined. After the completed 20 weeks, one saw a clear change: The ladies had fuller cheeks. And that is exactly the point. We perceive a face as young when few wrinkles are visible and the skin itself is firmer. The fact that the cheeks of the women were fuller also tightened the whole face and made them look a lot younger. More exactly two years younger.

2 years younger looking through face yoga.

The researchers describe facial yoga as "non-invasive, non-toxic home exercises that can balance and slow down the loss of facial volume." That sounds great! Of course, this study is too small to be really meaningful, but as the doctors have said, facial yoga does not hurt and anyone can do it at home!