So you fall asleep faster!

I have to sleep, tomorrow it's going to be exhausting, I need to sleep … Like a mantra you slobber for half an hour in front of you, turn to the left and to the right – and get but not an eye. On the contrary. It's getting worse and worse. The more convulsively you think about the fact that you finally have to fall asleep now, the less you succeed. That's avoidable.

Tips: This is how you sleep faster

Snooze mood. Light is a wake-up agent. Especially the so-called blue light emitted by mobile phones and tablets. Your TV also gives off this light. If you want to fall asleep well, you should banish these devices from the bedroom and throttle the light so that your biorhythm can adjust to bedtime. Sport makes you tired. However, not right before bed, otherwise your engine would still be on. It's best to do a moderate workout about three hours before going to sleep, preferably in the fresh air. Those who refuel a lot of natural light during the day can better adjust to falling asleep in the dark. Stay cool. And in every way. The optimal room temperature to fall asleep is 18 degrees. Do not let yourself stress. Sleep disorders only become a real problem when you step into it more and more. Better think of something nice, do a little autogenic training and stay calm. Then you fall asleep faster. Put the clock away. If you think about how late your sleep is, then you are even more stressed. The time is ultimately just a number. Therefore, at night do not look at the alarm clock. Your inner serenity determines how you fall asleep, not the pointer on the clock. Write the stress of the soul. Often you can not fall asleep because you think about all the do's that you have to do. Before you make a head and can not fall asleep because of worries: write it from the soul. If you have gotten rid of the thoughts, you can also fall asleep calmer again. Nothing heavy food. The stressful digestive work prevents the body from a really deep and regenerating sleep. So take a light snack two hours before going to bed. Regularly to bed. Whoever goes to bed at the same time gets used to fixed sleeping times. This will help you find peace more quickly. Get up. If you can not sleep, you should get up, have a cup of tea, maybe take a bath. You can not force fast falling asleep in the end; the peace comes by itself, if you stay calm yourself.