Do you have a good gynecologist?

He knows what you look like down there, he knows your most intimate secrets, we trust his problems and he is regularly between your legs – the gynecologist!
These criteria distinguish a good gynecologist: 1. He takes his time and explains what he does. 2. The practice is organized so that even in urgent cases an appointment is possible on the same day. 3. Both the doctor and his assistants are friendly and knowledgeable. 4. The practice and all equipment are clean, cleaned and sterile. 5. The treatment room can not be opened from the outside. This prevents people from accidentally having an audience during an examination.

6. Prior to the examination, a patient interview will be held to discuss the patient's current condition, any pain and problems, and to clarify questions. Only then it goes to the treatment chair. 7. The doctor uses disinfected devices and disposable gloves during the examination. 8. During the exam, the doctor will ask about pain or explain what he will do next. 9. If additional examinations are necessary, the doctor will inform the patient of any costs and why these measures should be taken. 10. The doctor informs the patient of the results and informs her when she should return to a check-up.