Shock: That's how nicotine changes us!

Anyone who has managed to quit smoking can now tap hard on the shoulder. Because the effects of nicotine consumption are horrendous. How awful they really are for skin, hair, figure, teeth or even sexuality is shown in a great animation on the Tobacco Body website. By clicking on different parts of the body, it is possible to determine exactly what the long-term optical consequences are for a smoker. We have listed them (the well-known health consequences such as lung cancer, smoker's leg or an increased risk of myocardial infarction may be ignored).

Left: The body of a smoker – on the right of a non-smoker acne. The nicotine reduces the blood circulation of the skin – inflammation and pimples can easily arise. In addition, smokers 'acne is more persistent than non-smokers' acne. Arm and facial hair. The arm and facial hair of smoking women becomes stronger because nicotine favors the production of male hormones. So there is a causal connection between the woman's beard and Tschick. Yuck. Halitosis. Smokers have a worse breath. According to a British study, "halitosis" is the reason for separation even in 20 percent of all couples. Halitosis (the medical term) is simply not sexy.

Creepy: The consequences of cigarette skin. The skin of smokers over time becomes pale and flabby, as the cigarette smoke breaks the elastic fibers of the skin faster. And one more thing: on one of the largest dating sites in the world, only two of the 100 most popular profile pictures are smokers! Sexuality. The reduced output of the female hormone estrogen also reduces the craving for sex among smokers. Hair. The chemicals contained in cigarettes make the hair more brittle. Smokers are more likely to have hair loss – and they turn gray faster. Teeth. A charming, yellowish-brown smile characterizes the smoker. The reason: the tar contained in cigarettes sticks to the teeth. Unfortunately pretty unappetizing. Fingernails. Dear smoker, we are very sorry to have to inform you that nicotine yellow is not the nail polish color of the season. Mass. Smokers are prone to obesity (even though nicotine is actually an appetite suppressant). But even if she does not gain a gram of weight, around her midsection forms additional mass. One study found that among women aged 14-26, the group of female smokers is most prone to cellulite and stomach fat. Wrinkles. According to a long-term study, smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily for 25 years have 5x more and deeper wrinkles than non-smokers.