Gym: Beware of contract!

As soon as the temperatures drop, the motivation to get our body into shape with workouts and fitness exercises increases again. But before you sign a contract with a gym, you should pay attention to some things, warns now consumer advocate Georg Rathwallner of the Chamber of Labor Upper Austria : "We always come up with complaints that can be avoided if you read the fine print exactly." Gym: What you should pay attention to before contracting The tips of the consumer protection: Pay monthly! A monthly payment is better than an annual fee. If you pay the membership fee in advance each year and it comes to longer interruptions or the studio operation is set at all (eg because of bankruptcy), it is very difficult to hardly get back the membership fee. The best way to pay by direct debit. Many studio operators charge a one-time registration or administration fee in addition to the membership fee. Keep the contract! If it does not happen by itself, you should insist on receiving a copy of the fitness contract. There you will find all important information about the duration of the contract and termination options. Keep the contract – at least as long as you are logged into the studio. Short commitment periods are better. We recommend to agree on short binding periods. That's the only way you can tell if you can feel good in the studio for a longer time and if your initial enthusiasm for the training lasts forever. Bond is also for you! In addition, it should be noted that you are bound to the contract even if you do not want to use the training offer for different reasons or can (eg payment difficulties). Supreme Court ruling! The Supreme Court has determined that a commitment of 2 or more years is too long for a fitness contract, if there are no contractual possibilities to terminate the contract prematurely for good cause (eg illness, relocation, pregnancy) , What is better – a temporary or permanent contract? A temporary contract ends with its time limit. If the company informs you of the possibility of termination before the end of the contract and you do not react, the contract will automatically be extended. A permanent contract will continue until terminated. Most fitness contracts provide for a specific minimum contract period. After the expiry of this minimum commitment, the contract will continue until terminated. How do I cancel the contract in the gym? If you cancel the contract, you must ensure compliance with the notice periods provided for in the contract. For example, if a fitness contract provides for a one-month notice period, then the letter of termination must be received by the company no later than one month before the planned end of the contract. For reasons of evidence recommend the Kosumentenschuetzer, the cancellation registered (best also with a return receipt) give up and cancel the notice letter and the Postaufgabeboeg well. You can also give notice in the studio. In doing so, you should confirm the acceptance of the letter of termination on a copy with date, company stamp and signature.