So you can identify allergies and intolerances

H2 breath test

This is how it works: Lactose, fructose or sorbitol tolerance are tested via the breath. The patient gets a solution with milk, fructose or sorbitol to drink, after which he has to blow four times at intervals of 30 minutes in a device. If there is an intolerance, the respective substance is only partially absorbed by the body. The remainder digest intestinal bacteria. The resulting hydrogen can be measured in the breath. Review: None. This check is undisputed and scientifically recognized. Info & costs: The test is not taken over by the health insurance. The price may differ slightly. In the allergy center Vienna West he costs йo 56, -.

blood test

This is how it works: If histamine and gluten intolerance are suspected, a blood test will be used to detect antibodies. As a result, intolerance is likely or more likely to be ruled out. Subsequently, one should get advice from the dietitian. Criticism: The test procedure is scientifically recognized. However, it does not allow a clear result, for the exact diagnosis and interpretation, the experience of a specialist is necessary. Info & Costs: Will be carried out in allergy centers and special hospital ambulances. Cost: around йo 70, -.


This is how it works: Relatively new to the market are self-tests for the home. From kiweno. Blood is drawn from the finger and sent in, which is then tested for IgG4 antibody according to the standardized ELISA test procedure. This will determine the tolerability of up to 70 foods. Criticism: The reliability of this procedure was discussed a lot in the media recently. The criticism of many experts: The IgG4 antibody is formed as soon as you eat a certain food, and says nothing else than that it has been consumed. Thus, the test is scientific humbug. In addition, the customer is left with the result alone. kiweno argues in a statement that there is a long-standing medical practice of such tests with a lot of positive feedback and if the food in question is omitted in fact, in 78.5 percent of the cases after two months a clear improvement in the blood picture can be seen. The fact is that science still knows too little about how our body uses food – a large field of research. Info & Costs: To order online at The test nutreos for up to 70 food costs йo 99, ИН ИН-.


This is how it works: Comes from the biological holistic medicine. The principle: "Energy oscillates between the cells: if you do not tolerate something, it will be disturbed, resistance will increase, and this can be measured with a device", explains Dr. med. Alfred Klabuschnigg, who has been working with the method for 25 years. If a food hits, it is deleted from the menu. With the device, the energy is put back into the right vibration. On average, ten sessions are required once a week. Then you should – in moderation – also be able to eat everything again. Criticism: The method is not scientifically recognized, there is no proof of its functioning. But it has been used for decades with some great success. Info & Costs: Eg about Cost: from йo 55, -per session. You might also be interested in this:
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