The real reason why itches in the step

External reasons:

Often the itching in the crotch does not mean that an infection is developing, but external factors are to blame. Such as moist toilet paper, soaps or shower baths, to which one can react allergic. Therefore, care should be taken with all the products used in the genital area that they are not perfumed and are suitable for a completely different pH than on the rest of the skin. One of the most common causes of unpleasant itching is hair removal in the bikini area. When shaving, the sensitive skin is irritated and reacts with red, irritated areas. Of course, similar side effects may also have depilatory creams or waxing.
Do you always have problems after depilation? Then you should change the method or then apply soothing care (of course perfume-free) or baby powder. Or you simply let nature and your pubic hair sprout free! Condoms can also cause irritation and itching, because many people are allergic to latex, from which most of the contraindications are produced. However, there are variants of other materials that you can switch to if you notice the itching especially after sex.

Internal infections:

However, an unpleasant itch can cause a condition such as a vaginal yeast infection – a problem as common as a runny nose. The itching within the vagina is usually accompanied by a thick, white discharge and reddened skin. Bacterial vaginosis (BV), also known as Gardnerella infection, also causes burning and dryness in the vagina, but is accompanied by a fluid discharge with a fishy odor. But even sexually transmitted diseases can cause itching. Such as pubic lice, which are recognizable as small black, moving patches on the skin and cause massive itching. In all these cases you should visit your gynecologist as soon as possible – all illnesses are easily treatable.

Skin conditions:

In rare cases, it may also lead to changes in the skin in the genital area, such as eczema and psoriasis, which can trigger itching. Again, a gynecologist or a dermatologist helps to diagnose the exact skin problem.