Does the pill lose its effect in the heat?

You prevent the pill, you actually feel safe. But if you want to avoid pregnancy, then you should now read more carefully: Because in heat – so now at 35 degrees plus – the pill loses its effect. This is not a so-called "urban myth" that haunts the internet as a fairytale. That is indeed the case. Because on the leaflet of most drugs (including that of the pill) is the reference to proper storage. In the case of the pill, this would be: "Storage temperature: up to 30 C."

Therefore, the pill loses its effect in the heat

When the pill is exposed to more intense heat, the components begin to dissolve. But that also eliminates the preventive effect. Whether that is so, which can hardly be determined with the naked eye. The coating layer (ie the outermost shell of the pill) may crumble a little – but otherwise it is indistinguishable from other, still effective pills. Of course, it does matter how long the pill is exposed to the extreme heat. If you only move them from A to B for a short time, 45 degrees do no damage. Only with longer storage it becomes critical. For example, if you let the pill on a 30-degree day of swimming in the car all afternoon (which can heat up to 50 degrees) or forget it in the midday heat on the balcony. Then the preventing effect is no longer guaranteed. In the summer, therefore, keep the pill in the fridge for safety's sake. And during the summer holiday in the hotel room, if possible store in a shady, not directly exposed to the heat place. If your pill pack has been exposed to hot temperatures for some time, then you should also use a condom for safety's sake. But beware: Even the latex can become porous in strong sunlight …