Workplace: exercises for more energy

Loosens his back. Sit upright on your office chair and stretch both arms as far to the side as possible. Shake for 10 seconds, then shake off your arms.
Stimulates circulation. Top training for the veins: the legs up every 45 minutes!
With tired legs. Put on the table. Alternately kick your legs forwards. 10 times.
Strengthens the neck. Place right hand on the side of the neck. Gently press on it. 8 pages per page. Stretches. Place right hand over head on left ear. Pull the head to the right. Hold for 5 seconds. 6 pages per page.
Stretches the breast. Legs on top of each other, hands on neck. Push head backwards, hold for 4 seconds. 8 times. Relaxing!
Strengthens the hull. Upright seat. Grasp the backrests with your hands. Stretch your arms, lift your body. Hold for 10 seconds. 8 times.
Pause. In between drink quite consciously and slowly a glass of water. Let your eyes wander.
Back well. Sit down. Hands stretch to the ceiling. Take turns with your arms upwards. 20 times.
Stomach & leg. Sit down. Raise right leg. Left hand presses against the right knee. 8 seconds. 5 pages per page.