The simple trick against the feeling of fullness

There was this roast goose. And the dumplings, lovely, the dumplings. The red cabbage – to clean! And then the vanilla kipper of the aunt from Upper Austria. Madness! You just have to strike when Christmas is. Festival of children? Laughed three times! Fest der Schlemmer, that's how it is … But now you can not move. Poff. Pappsatt. If you see food, it will be bad. Your stomach tense, the feeling of fullness is almost unbearable. But there is a super easy trick, as you end the feeling of fullness and bring your strained stomach back to fruition : GRAIN AGAINST FULL FEEL

Peel and cut about five centimeters long ginger root into small pieces and pour over with hot water. Now let the ginger sauce drain for about 20 minutes. Do not add honey or sugar! Now drink the ginger tea in small sips. The ginger tea stimulates digestion and thus helps against the terrible feeling of fullness! What else helps and also regenerates your liver here!