Which sleeping position is healthy?

Adequate and restorative sleep is one of the most important factors in your health. Depending on the position in which you sleep, this will affect your body healthy or unhealthy. We clarify: On the back, arms on the side: The best sleeping position is still on the back with the arms on the side. It relieves the spine and neck, if you do not use too high a pillow. However, sleepers tend to snore on the back rather than others. On the back, arms in height: The so-called "starfish situation" is also very healthy for the back. In addition, sleeping on the back helps to keep the skin young, as this results in fewer wrinkles. If you put your arms up, it may be that you pinch nerves or disturb the circulation. Prone position: Sleeping on the stomach is not exactly healthy. Indigestion and tension are often the result of this sleeping position. The spine also goes wrong when the head is not straight. And he has to, otherwise you would breathe through the pillow. Fetal Position: Rolled up lying with your legs bent and the head in the direction of the knee relieves the back and neck. If you lie heavily curled, the deep breathing can be interrupted. The pillow must necessarily have the perfect height, otherwise there will be tension in the neck area. Sleep on the right side: If you sleep on the side, there are also differences on which side you sleep. Heartburn on the right side may be aggravated, and on the left side, organs such as the liver, lungs and stomach may be stressed. Pregnant women are usually advised to sleep on the left side as this improves the blood flow to the fetus. Spoon position: Physicians have shown that the partner's touch while sleeping reduces the stress factor and even consolidates the relationship. However, you should make sure that you are still as healthy as possible. Otherwise, shoulder and back pain are the result. So best with a little distance in the fetal position behind or in front of the partner.