Healthy intestine

The center of our well-being – or our discomfort – is right in the middle: in the gut. Anita Frauwallner heads the Allergosan Institute, a center for innovative naturopathic research with a focus on probiotics. And she has chosen the human gut as her area of ИН ИНresearch. Her thesis: "Only those who have a healthy gut, get all their complaints under control!" WOMAN: Why do you make the intestine the focus of his research? A bit of a bothersome terrain, right? Frauwallner: But not at all, because if First understood that the intestine is the source of all evil or well-being, one likes to deal with it.Moreover, my husband had a serious inflammatory bowel disease.Then I began to deal with nutrition, healthy intestinal flora, flatulence, constipation When my son was born and had severe atopic dermatitis, it became clear to me that many more illnesses or discomforts were due to a healthy or imbalanced bowel. " WOMAN: Do you have any intestinal problems?" Frauwallner: Jein Anyone who has acne or atopic eczema is always in a mess with their bowels, or when they are very tired when they lose weight Well, just do not go down, even though you kasteit, then in most cases a defective intestinal flora is to blame. WOMAN: For which complaints can a non-functioning intestine be specifically responsible? Frauwallner: Migraine, for example, is quite typical. Through decades of research, we have found that this huge area of ИН ИНthe intestine – one has to imagine: 300 to 400 square meters – is extremely prone to inflammation. These inflammations do not stay in place, they are distributed throughout the body. Rheumatism, arthritis, cardiovascular disease – all of this has its cause in the intestine. Or let's take the big area of ИН ИНhormones. The intestine is a hormone-producing organ. Depression comes to a large extent from the intestine. WOMAN: Burnout, depression, restlessness – these are all issues that affect almost everyone today. That means we should all cleanse our bowels, and then we would all be pumperlgesund? Ms. Wallner: Of course, you can not all be a mess. But extreme mood swings, which are triggered by too much stress, you get with a rehabilitation of the intestine outstandingly under control. 95 percent of happiness hormone is formed in the gut. The body is a great regeneration machine that does a lot of work on its own. All you have to do is feed her a bit, then she 'll do it all herself. WOMAN: What do you recommend to someone who has one of the problems just described? Frauwallner: First of all, the most important thing is to get a stool sample. You have to imagine that if you have to take an antibiotic for a week, for example, it will destroy 80 to 90 percent of your intestinal flora. In order to regain control, they have to eat very well for months. WOMAN: Does one manage the remediation of a defective intestinal flora solely by changing the diet? Frauwallner: If you have patience, to some extent, for sure. But that can take up to a year. WOMAN: What does healthy eating mean for the gut? " Frauwallner: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, carbohydrates like potatoes or whole grain rice are wonderful! Probiotic dairy products, moderately meat and fish, as little or no sugar as possible – that would be the ideal diet But the problem is that the bowel has no nerves and so it can not spark SOS if it hurts or if it does not suit the diet.) WOMAN: The refrigerated shelves are over probiotic yoghurts and milkshakes, many promise that bloating will go away Can I fix my intestinal flora via probiotic yoghurt? Frauwallner: If you eat a fat pie before that, and then roast pork, then you certainly will not. "In a diet that is generally healthy, these yogurt bacteria will definitely improve you In truth, quite simple: If the city of Vienna is beautiful, more people will settle here and that's it Also in the intestine: the more intact the milieu, the better it is for good bacteria to keep up and even multiply. They choose whether they will stay or whether they will leave the body with the next bowel movement. And honestly asked, would you want to live on a garbage dump? I'm sure not … WOMAN: What else can I do? Frauwallner: I also advise people to make an appointment with a nutritionist and write down what they ate before for a while. You put a lot in your mouth, but then forget it. Get an overview. WOMAN: We all eat too much. The body can do much less than we think. And, as hormone expert Johannes Huber preaches, who eats less, lives longer … Frauwallner: If you only feed on one apple and two slices of wholegrain bread, then you definitely have too little. The body needs energy so that it can perform its metabolic functions. You actually need quite a lot of different fabrics so that this regeneration machine works perfectly. If you want to build a house, you also need bricks, concrete, sand, water, pipes. Only with bricks will this house wobble and eventually collapse. It is important that we give our body as little as possible, which was artificially processed. So as little as possible fast food, as few finished products. Look for the hidden sugar, preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers. WOMAN: The diet industry is constantly inventing new "miracle drugs" or methods that can "very quickly lose weight". What do you think about the rigorous restriction of some foods in diets, such as the renunciation of carbohydrates? Frauwallner: The intestine is adapting to changes very quickly. In the long run, it will not do you any good if you omit the carbohydrates for three or four weeks, because you will never endure, and then you will increase again. Anything that is not balanced will not succeed. WOMAN: In your experience, which rules lead to a healthy gut and thus to more well-being? Ms. Wallner: Avoid the "fast food" with large amounts of fat, sugar and empty carbohydrates Drink two liters of water every day Moving every day in the fresh air – no matter what the season – it gets the intestines going Use laxatives – these will break down the intestinal flora in the long run, and instead eat healthy intestinal bacteria every day, preferably a combination of lactobacilli, enterococci and bifidobacteria – ask at the pharmacy – it is also good to eat a piece of papaya as often as possible – This tropical fruit is a real magic for the intestines, because it is rich in enzymes and amino acids, and for those who have probably gotten their bowel problems through too much stress and trouble: Learn to relax, maybe through yoga or autogenous Training or other activities that clear your mind of the hamster wheel of agonizing thoughts. And: Treat your bowel once or twice a break every year. Detoxify him! WOMAN: For example with fasting or the F. X. Mayr cure? Frauwallner: We are currently working on a huge research at the University of Graz, where the effects of such fasting phases as the F. X. Mayr cure are being tested. The results are sensational. WOMAN: But those are just rolls and milk … Frauwallner: Not for a long time. Today you get buckwheat rusks, vegetable spreads, vegetable soups, leavened milk products. WOMAN: The problem is not that we do not all know what is healthy. But then come back these food cravings for sweets … Frauwallner: Yes, it is like drug addicts, but at some point you have to get through to a withdrawal.