4 workouts that we try this year!

"I finally want to do a bit more for my health!" One of the most common New Year resolutions. But what to do if you have not been able to develop a real passion for sport so far? You quickly lost interest because the workout was boring, because you do not like routine, because running is simply nothing …? Sorry: But squatting on the sofa is unfortunately no alternative. So: Popscherl high and off to the gym. You may just have to find a new workout that is really fun for you. Here you will find workouts that we find great!

1. Streaming Workouts

What is it about? Streaming workouts are a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. All you need: some space, possibly a home trainer. The lessons are streamed via smartphone, laptop or TV app, so you can get started anytime and not have to wait for your class to start. Is also good for traveling, if you want to sweat in the hotel gym a lap. Our recommendations: "Ballet Beautiful" (English, $ 40 / month) with ballet-inspired stretching exercises and cardio workouts. The trainer Mary Helen Bowers has trained actress Natalie Portman for her movie "Black Swan"! Or the "BeFit YouTube Channel" where you can find yoga, dance workouts or Pilates lessons. German is the online gym Gymondo, where you can choose from 400 workouts and programs (6.99 йo / month).

2nd trampoline cardio

What is it about? The trampoline workout is done on small, tighter trampolines and defines your muscles as it trains your endurance and gets your cardiovascular system going. Of course it is also fun to hunt around the trampoline – but do not be fooled! This workout is really … courses are offered at Holmes Place, Move-Center or euroGym, but also in other gyms.

3. Fitness boxes

What is it about? You thought boxing was for rough-headed bullies? Of course not. The Victoria's Secret models swear by boxing as the ideal full-body workout that boosts cardiovascular and fat burning as you sculpt your entire body. In addition, balance and self-confidence are strengthened. Fun is also the thing – because fitness boxes is usually exercised to driving dance beats!

4. Hot yoga

What is it about? Hot yoga is practiced in an extremely heated room. At temperatures of 35 to 42 degrees and very high humidity is yogiert and neat sweat. Hot yoga stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and digestion. In addition, the heat boosts the burning of fat, melting excess pounds in the truest sense of the word. The risk of injury decreases because your muscles are automatically warmed up.