It will not do anything to lose weight!

1. Wrong workout
To lose weight effectively and in the long term, you have to do sports. That is clear! But the right fitness program is the A & O for that, otherwise it will not do anything to lose weight! So if you only do cardio (running, cycling, etc.) and the strength exercises, that is omitting muscle training, will be difficult to achieve his weight loss goals. 2. You eat too much fructose in the form of fruit!
Of course, fruit is the better alternative for sweets, and an apple satisfies many cravings for chocolate & Co. But since fruit contains a lot of sugar, namely fructose, too much of it unfortunately has a negative effect on our weight. Therefore, here too, less is more! And during a diet, one should only snack on those fruits that have a lower calorie count. Instead of banana, mango and kaki prefer to eat berries, apple and watermelon. 3. You completely remove fat from the nutrition plan!
You may not believe it, but fat is important to lose weight successfully. This means that it is essential to incorporate unsaturated fatty acids from fish, eggs and nuts into the diet, in order to activate the metabolism and stay slim permanently. But beware: the dose makes the poison!

4. You have wrong goals
Who thinks that you can lose 10 kilos in 1 month – as we are so often promised in the media – is wrong! And the consequence of an over-ambitious, unattainable because unrealistic goal is: You give up and think "That brings nothing anyway!" Losing weight takes time. That means: Healthy nutrition, low sugar (also low fructose), a lot of sports and fitness, as well as not too strict prohibitions, because whoever forbids everything sooner or later will not only be frustrated, but also suffer food cravings. Hello JOJO! 5. Your diet is unhealthy and consists only of light products!
If you eat too little, you and your character do not like it! For those who starve causes the body to switch to starvation mode and does not attack reserves. So fat is stored, muscle mass is reduced and you lose nothing!
And as far as the light products are concerned, these have been highly controversial for years as far as successful weight loss is concerned. Although light products contain little to no fat, the sugar content is often much higher than normal yogurts & Co.