So you eat better and less when you're stressed

We all know that. We come home after a long day of work, completely exhausted and exhausted, and do not feel like cooking. So we order to eat. Burgers, fries or pizza. Why does our body demand unhealthy food in stressful situations instead of a salad or soup? Researchers studied the eating habits of 125 people working in an information technology company in China. Over a period of three weeks, participants had to write down the following: workload and tasks, stress levels, evening eating habits and sleep quality. The results were clear. The participants, who recorded little or bad sleep and consequently had a stressful working day, ate unhealthy and a much larger portion than usual in the evenings. The participants, who had slept better the night before, ate healthier evenings, even though they were stressed during the day. Sleep helps to deal better with stress situations. Those who sleep little can not concentrate enough. Stress also has a negative effect on our self-control, making it harder to stick to your personal goals (healthier eating, etc.). So always remember, much sleep is not only important for mental health, but now also for the physical!