Motivation: enjoy the sport!

Sport brings it! The female body is an average of twenty-five percent of muscle – but who does little or no sport at all, which reduces muscle mass. The problem: Muscles are the fat burner par excellence. You burn fat while you sleep! If that is not a good motivation to move more! On average, thirty minutes of daily exercise (from stair climbing to strength training) are enough to achieve a noticeable improvement in just a few weeks: love handles become smaller, the skin firmer, bones and joints more stable, the immune system is strengthened – and best of all: we feel us in our body well and find ourselves attractive again. Start small! Say "yes" to all these benefits, and make movement a part of your life. With WOMAN's help you will be able to start the "engine". The point is that you should not expect too much at the beginning. You do not have to change your whole life from one day to the next. Begin to incorporate more exercise in everyday life and gradually increase. In parallel, you should look for a sport that you enjoy and that is easy for you to do. After all, if you have to drive for an hour to reach a gym, you will quickly lose interest in it. It is better to practice away from the front door (walking, running, cycling) or to find a training center near your work or home. Find allies! Also important: Find motivated training partners, for two or three people it is funnier, and one does not cancel an appointment so quickly. Ideal would be three times at least thirty minutes of proper fitness training a week. The rule is: better often and shorter than once long, otherwise the break is too extensive for the next training session. Enter fitness appointments into your calendar so that you do not forget about it. Find the ideal time! Whether you prefer to exercise after getting up or exercising in the evening depends on your type. Many people can barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone run a lap around the block before starting work.
Others have to reckon with massive sleep problems if they get upset with a gymnastics lesson after work. Just try out what makes it easier for you. A bit of bed gymnastics makes all types fit for the day: Before getting up in bed, stretch your feet in the air and cycle for three minutes in the air – this gets your blood circulation going and makes you fit for the day. Treat yourself! Those who have trained well should reward themselves on a regular basis, because that boosts motivation immensely! New sportswear or a wellness weekend are particularly suitable. Soon 's going on vacation and you are not yet bikinifit?
WOMAN has some last minute tips for a great bikini figure for you!