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Hatha Yoga stands for physical yoga, the body is understood as a means of expression of the soul, as opposed to spiritual yoga, which is primarily about meditation. Over time, Hatha Yoga developed many different styles. What they all have in common is that they balance body and mind through physical exercises (asanas). The teaching methods, however, sometimes differ considerably. Some yoga orientations focus on body postures, while others focus on the coordination of breathing and movement. Whether you are looking for peace and relaxation or a sweat-inducing workout, there is guaranteed to be the right style for you. Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga focuses on Prana. This is the life energy in Indian teaching. Through various asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises) the concentration is improved, the mind calms down and the body is kept healthy and fit. Ashtanga Power Yoga The main focus of this yoga style is on the coordination of breathing and movement. The special breathing technique (Ujjayi breathing) heats the body from the inside. Power Yoga is a simplified form of Ashtanga Yoga. She comes from the US and has prevailed especially in fitness centers. Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga according to Yogi Bhajan sees itself as a yoga of consciousness. A unit consists of a fixed set of exercises (Kriya), dynamic body movements in inner concentration, conscious breathing (pranayama) and meditation. This powerful method of body and energy work enables us to get to know and live our full human potential. Barkan Hot Yoga This style is a total body workout that focuses on balance, strength and endurance. Like Bikram Yoga, it is trained at around 38 ° C to warm the body and relax it more deeply. Sweating detoxifies the body. Hot yoga is suitable for everyone, even beginners. Iyengar Yoga Here the precise anatomical alignment, great fineness in the practice and specific instructions of the teacher are very important. With the optional use of aids, anyone can practice yoga postures, whether they are mobile or stiff, fat or thin, old or young. Gyrokinesis This type of yoga is performed on a stool or on a mat. The rhythmic movements in the harmonic breathing pattern strengthen the joints and muscles, stimulating the internal organs and promoting the lymphatic flow. The method trains body and mind and increases the life energy! Editor: Pia Kruckenhauser