Magazine tests: Water Challenge – drink at least 3 liters a day </title>

Like many, I belong to the people who have to remember to drink something over and over again. I feel only thirsty for sports, otherwise my body hardly reports in this regard. Or only when it's too late and he complains instead of a headache. However, I am equally aware that our body needs enough fluid every day to work properly, so I was more than curious to know what would happen if I actually did drink more than usual. So far, I was glad when I came to 1 liter of water a day. But in the Water Challenge I should more than triple that: 3 liters of tap water were the challenge. And so from now on the filled water jug ИН ИНwas my best friend. The first episode: Even with the toilet, I now entered into a closer relationship. Because where more flows in, of course, more comes out. 7 or 8 times a day were absolutely no rarity. Which can be a problem on days when you're on the road. But the positive changes, which show up after a short time, clearly outweigh:


Already after a week I notice a clear improvement of my skin: impurities on the face have almost completely passed and I do not even need makeup to cover. Overall, my complexion looks fresher and more refreshed.


The best change ever: For years I have the feeling of being chronically tired and exhausted, but now the fatigue is gone. Otherwise, I always felt the alarm clock ringing and pressed the snooze button three times because I hardly came up. Now I get up immediately after the ringing and feel fit.

A headache:

I used to have a headache at least once a week – apparently, dehydration was almost always the reason here. Because since the water challenge I had no more headaches.


Often we confuse hunger and thirst and eat instead of drinking. With me, I also found that when I "preventative" drink, the cravings for the unhealthy is throttled. In principle, I eat less and have therefore lost in the four weeks of my Challenge without diet or hunger 1.5 pounds.
In addition, my body probably got used to the amount of fluid and if I have not come to regular drinking, then thirst actually thirsts with me. In that sense, maybe in the future I do not have to "think about it myself" to drink a lot, but my body reminds me as well! These are just the short-term, immediately detectable changes. But drinking enough is actually vital to us. If we constantly drink too little, our immune system can no longer function optimally and we are more prone to diseases. Digestion also suffers and constipation can be the result, as well as kidney stones or cystitis. In the long run, more water should even protect against cancer.


The amount of water should be drunk throughout the day. If you drink a liter on a set, then only the immediate toilet visit is inevitable. Your body can absorb only 200 ml of fluid within 15 minutes. Drink slowly and consciously, sip by sip. Tap water is best – optionally also still mineral water or unsweetened herbal teas. Your optimal daily amount of drinking depends on your weight or your physical activity: At least 30 – 40 ml per kilo of body weight you should drink a day. For example, at 70 kilos, these are 2.1 – 2.8 liters. Is it possible to drink too much?