Diaz reveals how to stay fit & healthy

"Are not we kidding, we're really great," says actress Cameron Diaz, 43, who is not impressed by the juvenile delusion. With her new book "The Longevity Book" (HarperCollins, so far only in English, 18.95 Euro via amazon.de) she wants to help women of all ages to stay fit and healthy. How it works? Here are the best advices:
Maintain friends. Good friends in difficult times reduce stress and promote personal happiness. Cameron knows that too, visibly happy in the circle of her girls.
To keep moving. Muscles and good physical condition are the best way to prevent osteoporosis and other age-related diseases. Sports fanatic Diaz takes care of her fitness every day.
Cook fresh. Lots of vegetables, nothing processed, wholemeal, no sugar, some meat and fish and always freshly prepared: Diaz adheres to these principles. So it prevents diseases such as colon cancer or Alzheimer's.
Take health seriously. "I go to the doctor on a regular basis and do not kidnap infections," the actress emphasizes. "Should a problem arise, I know in time and can act."
To be informed. For the book research Cameron has spoken with the best scientists in the United States. Because she is convinced: "If women understand their development, they can better deal with what happens there."
Morning routine. Diaz's morning routine: make the bed, drink half a liter of water and meditate for 20 minutes: "This is how I start my day in a conscious and relaxed way, which keeps me fit!"
The 40s hug. "Of course, I'm not getting any younger, but when you're happy with yourself, you shine from the inside," the 43-year-old is convinced – and has therefore posted a no-make-up selfie on Instagram with her new book. And we think: she looks great!