Which workout is better: running or cycling?

Endurance training has a positive effect on the heart and circulation, your health and your sense of vitality increase. Running and cycling are the two most popular cardio workouts in the gym. But which is better for you? We took a closer look at the pros and cons of jogging and spinning. Generally, you burn most calories on the treadmill. The bicycle ergometer, however, is perceived as particularly stressful. Of course, how effective your cardio workout really is in the end of course depends heavily on the intensity.

Jogging: trains your entire body

Both running and cycling are great for legs, thighs and buttocks. But while running, core stabilization plays a much stronger role than spinning. During running training, the arms and trunk are moved in addition to the leg muscles. This not only guarantees stability while running, but also ensures a higher calorie consumption and, in the end, more is done for fitness. Disadvantage: Your joints are loaded while running. So, if you weigh a lot, tend to have knee problems, or are walking in the wrong direction, you may have serious joint problems.

Spinning: Improves your metabolism

Especially during an extremely intense spinning class, an oxygen deficit is created in your body. Your body reaches its limits, the metabolism is maximally fueled. After spinning, you burn calories in the following hours. Pedaling is gentler on the joints than the forces acting on the knee or ankle during walking. In addition, the force of the shocks is lower. Athletes with joint problems are better off on the bike and should prefer running. Cycling is also better for beginners, whose joints are still unfamiliar with jogging.

Running and cycling: both make you happy

Even if cycling is easier on the joints and running is better in terms of overall body training: During cardio workouts, you end up pouring out endorphins, which are happy hormones. So you definitely feel better – and clinical studies have shown that endurance training can help with depression, anxiety and stress. Let's go!