Cellulaze: Laser against cellulite

The Danube Wave Valley on the thighs, the bulky dents over the knees – a new method promises a quick remedy. We have the most important facts about it. What is Cellulaze? This is a laser used against orange peel. The method promises – depending on the severity of cellulite – a permanent reduction or even removal of the dents.
How exactly does the laser method work? Through a small incision, a cannula is pushed into the subcutaneous fat layer. A laser is attached to it, which is heated to a maximum of 47 degrees Celsius. This melts the fat, which is responsible for the bumps, and loosens stiffened connective tissue fibers, which are considered to be the cause of the dents. The method also increases the production of endogenous collagen, which ensures firm skin. How is the operation going? The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and the patient is put into a twilight sleep. When do you see first results? This requires a bit of patience: Although after a few days, the first changes are visible, but significant improvements only after about six weeks. And it may take a year to reach the final result, as the regeneration of the tissue takes several months. What must be considered after the operation? Tissue and skin regenerate themselves. The patient gets a compression bandage, so everything can heal well. You should schedule about four days sick leave. Sport is prohibited for at least a week.
How long does it take? One session lasts about 90 minutes. For whom is the laser suitable? For all persons with visible cellulite. Are there any disadvantages? Because it is an operative procedure, complications such as rebleeding or infection can occur. Bruises, bruises, swelling and hardening of the tissue are possible. How much does it cost? тВм 2,900, -. The price includes everything – from the initial consultation to the final inspection. Where does the procedure take place? In the practice of Dr. med. Thomas Aigner. More information on cellulitebehandlung-wien.at.