Fitness Center: Which club for which sport type?

For 2015 we want an extra dose of energy, fun and self-confidence. A body in which one feels comfortable is already half the battle. And you get that mainly through sports. The decision is therefore made: the winter bacon should give way to defined muscles. For many, that means going into the powerhouse. Because that is still very much in vogue. In Austria, over 510,000 club members are currently registered in studios, and the number is rising. The offer is great. In which way to go? What should a fitness center offer to meet your personal needs? Stamina and strength. There are still many people who fear losing their muscle mass through cardio workouts, although this assumption has long since become obsolete. Because optimal fitness is achieved only when both strength and endurance of the body are trained. Strength exercises with dumbbells or on equipment to build up the muscles. Cardio-Sport, eg on a bike, treadmill or crosstrainer, boosts the circulation, increases the oxygen supply to the brain and supports fat burning. Make sure that you do not neglect any kind of movement. Fat away. The myth is stubborn that the burning of fat begins after 30 minutes of exercise. In fact, the body burns from the very first second fat, but very little and slowly, it really only gets going from 20 to 30 minutes. Beginners should therefore not be discouraged if they do not last as long as planned at the beginning, the fat stores are still tapped. The main thing is that you move regularly and enjoy it, then you increase yourself with time.

Fitness jungle. In addition to classic fitness equipment, many studios now also offer courses and special programs. Thus, there is something for every sport type guaranteed. For those who prefer to train in company, circuit training, who would like to be optimally cared for, makes a personal trainer. Dance enthusiasts can work their magic on the Zumba, who wants to gently and purposefully shape the body, try it with Pilates or yoga classes. Price question. Some visit their gym exclusively for physical exercise and do not want any extra bells and whistles, which costs more and could distract. The others like to pay extra for an all-round feel-good package – and expect from the fitness club of their trust, therefore, that he not only offers all imaginable equipment and courses but also boasts a well-kept and tastefully designed spa area. Here wellness lovers want to end their training sessions relaxed. Beginner tips. Fitness clubs are new territory for you? Then do a consultation with a trainer. Work together to create a realistic goal and get help creating the training plan. By constantly documenting the exercises, you know exactly where you stand and how far you are from yours. Important: warm up for 10-15 minutes before training (eg on the stepper), this loosens the muscles and protects against injuries and sore muscles. Especially for beginners training-free days are important for regeneration. There should be between 48 and 72 hours between sessions, which results in a maximum of three studio visits per week. Keyword protein: Contrary to the opinion of many fitness fanatics no shakes or preparations are needed to meet the need. There are enough protein-rich foods such as fish, eggs, cheese or legumes, which you can easily install daily in the diet.