Your brain is cheating on your body awareness

The New Year has begun and this time around, you really stick to your New Year's resolution: you go to the gym, even though you can not stand the treadmill. You eat a lot of vegetables and have thrown away the whole Christmas chocolate. You look in the mirror, feel good and think that you have already made progress. But thought wrong! Because your brain constantly cheats on you when you look at yourself in the mirror. This has now been determined by an Australian study. The own body perception is always disturbed, so that we often see ourselves thinner than we are. Oh great, this info you just missed, where you feel so good with your intent. But stay tuned!

You look thinner than you really are.

103 young women participated in the study by the University of Western Australia. They had to look at 71 photos of women with different bodies. After each photo, the participants were asked to rate the ladies based on the "Bodyline". This is a scale that goes from overweight to underweight. It turned out that the women's rating in the photos was dependent on the previous photo. In plain English: If the participants looked at a picture of a woman with normal weight, they also rated the following, overweight woman as a normal weight.

You judge your body with the help of memories.

So you evaluate your own body with the help of memories of times when you were thicker or thinner. Of course this is a problem if you've gained weight but still looks as thin as before. Then you tend to let the healthy lifestyle a bit grind and yet grab the third donut. The reverse is also true: If you have been overweight for a long time, it will be hard to shake off seeing yourself that way, even if you have lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately, the researchers still see no solution to this wrong perception. But you do not have to be afraid of the reflection. Because if you lead halfway a healthy life with sports and healthy food, then you're good at it!