Weight loss with gastric bypass – experience

Anna was even stronger as a toddler, has increased more and more as a teenager and last brought in a size of 1.60 m whole 125 pounds on the scales. Even diets and the help of a nutritionist did not help the 27-year-old Lower Austrian. A year ago, Anna decided to go for a gastric bypass to help her lose weight. So she could lose 50 pounds in just 9 months. In an interview with WOMAN, the zookeeper tells us how her life with gastric bypass has changed. WOMAN: Have you ever tried diets?
Anna: I've even tried many diets, including a nutritionist. Whether that was FDH (eating half of it), not eating carbohydrates, or eating a day's food for a day, none of that really helped … The diets have always put pressure on me and if I did not reach my goal, I was disappointed. The lost kilos I could never hold, there was more of a yo-yo effect! WOMAN: One year ago, you weighed 125 pounds. How did it happen?
Anna: How did it happen is difficult to answer. I guess I never wanted to know that I was that fat and lied to myself and withdrew. Surely there were different experiences in my life, which contributed to the rapid weight gain.

WOMAN: In July 2015, you got a gastric bypass. Did you find the decision difficult?
Anna: The decision to take this step was anything but easy. It took me 2 years! Finally, a gastric bypass is a major surgery. But in the run-up to the meeting I was very well informed, exchanged with acquaintances and the family and had many discussions with the doctor. After all, you have to meet some conditions for the operation. WOMAN: What are these conditions?
Anna: You first have psychological conversations with the doctors and you have to have at least a body mass index (BMI) of 40, so that the operation is taken over by the health insurance company. To prepare you have to lose a few pounds and get a diet plan. Personally, I lost 14 kilos for the operation. WOMAN: You have already lost 50 pounds with the gastric bypass. Is discipline included here too?
Anna: I often get that question. People are unaware that life with gastric bypass is suddenly changing. Many think that you are just too lazy to diet or exercise, and that's why you can use the gastric bypass. Already before the operation you have to change the diet completely. If you do not do that, you will not be operated on! After the surgery, there are many things to keep in mind: These include a conscious, healthy diet and exercise.

WOMAN: Losing weight was easy anyway, right?
Anna: Sure, because you no longer have the appetite of the smaller stomach as before. So take off automatically! WOMAN: Do you still have cravings now and then?
Anna: No, they are completely gone. "I would not break half a pizza, then I'll be sick right away …" WOMAN: Let's say you used to eat a whole pizza. How much of the pizza do you do today?
Anna: About 2-3 pieces. I would not break half a pizza, then I'll feel sick right away … WOMAN: Are there things you can not eat with the gastric bypass?
Anna: You just try everything through and then notice immediately, whether you can tolerate something or not, because the stomach immediately speaks up. 😉 For example, I do not tolerate dry meat – no idea why!

WOMAN: Your stomach is now only 1/4 of its original size. There is not much in it … Can not it happen that you will eventually be underweight?
Anna: If the body is back to normal weight, you can swing a few pounds up or down. After the operation, talks are held with nutritionists who help to integrate a healthy diet into everyday life. I can not become underweight with gastric bypass, as I still eat regularly. Although less, but 5 times a day! "Having yourself helped is also a strength!" WOMAN: Surely many people will appeal to your new look and want to know more. Do you sometimes claim that you have done it with diets and sports or are you always honest?
Anna: So if anyone asks me about it, I always just say what's up. Finally, I am 100% ig to have made the step! I was unhappy and saw no way out, had not left the house. Today I know: letting oneself help is also a strength! WOMAN: Did your weight change affect your personality as well?
Anna: I've definitely changed in some ways. I do not take it so much to my heart when someone criticizes me, but seek a direct conversation. I have become more courageous in clothing, I am more courageous in communicating with strangers, I am happy and it feels great. WOMAN: Are you doing sports now?
Anna: Not aware. But that's because I work in the animal shelter and I'm moving all day or am out with my own two dogs out there. WOMAN: How is your friend dealing with your new "I"?
Anna: In the beginning it was a very unfamiliar situation for him, of course, because he got to know me a lot, but in the end he always supported me – no matter whether 125 kilos or now 50 kilos less. He is happy that I am well again and I am happy! WOMAN: Do the doctors have any idea how much you will weigh in the end?
Anna: That's hard for everyone involved to say. But of course the overweight should be gone and you have a normal BMI. With a size of 1.60 m that would be about 60 kilos.

Anna Reischl after 9 months with gastric bypass. 50 kilos are down and it will be even more!