Weight Loss Tips: Alternatives to Sugar

palm sugar
Palm sugar, like brown sugar, is a healthier alternative to white sugar. Although palm sugar is less sweet than granulated sugar, it is still much healthier.
If the palm sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut palm, it is called coconut sugar. Above all, both are ideal for people with diabetes, because they only allow the blood sugar level to rise slightly. Fresh fruits
Instead of adding sugar to the muesli, or eating an artificial fruit yoghurt, one should rather resort to fresh, significantly lower-calorie fruit. This snack will last longer and be much healthier. But beware: some fruits have significantly more fructose than others! dried fruit
Even dry fruits taste delicious, whether in cereal, in yogurt, or in salty foods. And sugar can be saved so quickly and easily.

Dried fruits in the natural yoghurt. maple syrup
The maple syrup comes from Canada and is obtained from the Canadian sugar maple. Well it is suitable as a sweetener, especially for people with food intolerances. Why? Because it is histamine, gluten, cholesterol and lactose free. Stevia
Stevia is originally extracted from the South American "stevia plant" of the same name. Meanwhile, the sweetener is also produced industrially. However, Stevia is calorie-free, has no effect on blood sugar levels and is 300 times as sweet as regular sugar.

Stevia: the calorie-free sugar substitute. agave nectar
Agave syrup is a thick syrup and about 1.5 times sweeter than sugar. But beware: in some products is significantly more fructose content, as can be seen at first glance. Apple sweet and apple syrup
We know fresh apples. But apple sweetener and apple juice is still relatively new and unknown. The apple syrup is a concentrate from which the addition of water makes apple juice again. Apple sweetness, however, is relatively tasteless and is ideal as a sugar substitute. honey
Whether in the cake, in the coffee or on the breakfast bread: Honey can save a lot of sugar. And the food stays just as sweet.

Very sweet but much healthier you can eat with honey.