6 signs of serious gastrointestinal problems

Sometimes you ate too much or the wrong one. Then the stomach can suddenly become bloated and painful. Or you react with stomach rumbling and diarrhea. But if you have gastrointestinal problems over and over again, then they may have a more serious background.

Gastrointestinal problems: These can mean these symptoms

Therefore, pay close attention to your body and the following symptoms. If they happen more often, then you should urgently see a doctor and let you check through.

Strong flatulence

Our body, this small nuclear power plant, exhausts up to two liters of gas per day. That is completely normal. However, if you often have a painfully bloated stomach, feel uncomfortable and lose weight, it is advisable to see a doctor. By the way, the smell of your wind also says something. If they smell particularly "lazy", then it could be a parasite infestation in the intestine.

A lump in the throat

If you notice that you have a slight lump in the throat during the meal and the food does not slide so easily down, then please consult a doctor. Especially if this feeling gets worse and even drinking becomes difficult. This is considered one of the symptoms of esophageal cancer.

Black bowel movement

If you are taking iron-containing medications, your stool may turn black. If this is not the case and your chair is still black, then please go to the doctor. The discoloration can be a sign of blood in bowel movements – and that should always be checked.

Pain during bowel movements

A few days ago, the zipper of your pants was still loose, now you just can not get it closed anymore? It does not necessarily have to blame your (dangerous!) Belly fat on it. There may also be too much gas in your stomach. Do you also have pain during bowel movement or even blood on it, then urgently consult a doctor. Irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones or constipation could be reasons for this.

Lower abdominal pain on the right side

There may be different reasons for pelvic pain. In addition to the intestine, the bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are also located here. Causes of pelvic pain on the right side may be: appendicitis. Pyelonephritis or ureteral stones, ovarian cysts (about stilted), endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, a pinched hernia, an abscess in the lumbar muscle, right-sided tumors. Not things to take lightly.


Constantly tired and tired? That too may be related to your gastrointestinal tract. Because you take too little iron to you, then the tissue of your body can no longer provide sufficient oxygen. The reaction? Tiredness, headache, yellowish skin tone, hair loss and brittle nails.